Beer Hacks Book

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"In this tour de force of 100 tips and tricks, Beer Hacks presents the very best and most creative ways to serve, share, store, and savor your favorite brews. There's PROBLEM SOLVING: Warm beer? Chill a bottle in about a minute wan a can of compressed air. DIY PROJECTS: Turn empty bottles into guitar slides. PARTY TRICKS: The one foolproof technique for shotgunning a beer. FLAVOR BOMBS: A French press is all you need to infuse an ale with fresh berries. Whether you're hosting a tasting, replenishing after a workout (that's right: beer has more electrolytes than water), or relishing the singular tranquility of a shower beer, this book is your guide to making beer drinking better, easier, more interesting, delicious, and -especially- fun. Includes and emergency bottle opener on the front cover!" ---Words on back of book.

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