BH1 Cask Cuvee 750 mL

BH1 Cask Cuvee 750 mL

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The word Cuvee derives from cuve, a French wine term that means vat or tank. Winemakers often use the term to denote special blends or selected vats of higher quality. As barrel-aging beer becomes more and more prevalent, breweries are adopting the word to denote a very special batch of beers from exceptional barrels. In some cases, the name Cuvee is used in the beer world to indicate a blend of multiple barrels of high quality, typically reserved for the best of the best.

In our case, the best of the best comes not only from the best casks we have aging at the moment but also from the expertise that comes with blending those casks. Our extremely talented barrel wranglers have skillfully blended three exceptional barrels to create something unique and harmonious.

Enter Imperial Cask Cuvee, a hand-blended barrel-aged ale.

The first flavors pulled away from this pale red tinted beer comes from a barleywine that has been resting in small batch 10 year Apple Brandy barrels, aged on cherries. The cherry apple jack component is the dominant character of the beer.

To add a little more body and a lasting spiciness, our brewers blended in a variation of Rye on Rye resting in 6 year rye whiskey barrels.

Finally, adding depth to an already complex beer, we added a quadrupel ale that has been aging in 2nd use Cabernet wine barrels, using the tannins from the wood and wine to keep the finish tight and balanced.

Our barrel program manager Quinn Reeder had this to say about the beer-

“Our team marked these barrels to be put aside for a special release over the past 18 months. We thought that New Beers Eve was the holiday to showcase this beer. This is the perfect example of what beer, wood, and time can accomplish”

Beer Details 

10.2% ABV

Blend -

Pale Barleywine – Apple Jack Brandy Barrels, aged on New York cherries

Rye beer – Aged in 6 year Rye Whiskey Barrels

Quadrupel – Aged in 2nd use Cabernet Barrels from Paso Robles