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Our 2020 Fall Sample Twelve pack is here with the triumphant return of Bully! Porter and Snow & Tell! Along with a new tasting room IPA with Strata and Citra hops and the ever familiar face of Unfiltered Wheat rounding out this years Fall Sample Twelve.


Unfiltered Wheat

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer is a lively, refreshing ale with a natural citrusy flavor and distinctive cloudy appearance. This easy drinking American-style wheat beer has become our most popular offering, and the best-selling craft beer in the Midwest

Tasting Room Strata/Citra IPA

A classic take on a west coast style IPA. This IPA has a lot of citrus and grass notes with a slight bitter finish and is a very approachable IPA for 50 IBUs. Strata/Citra IPA has aromas of citrus and grapefruit with mild sweetness and a medium body.

Snow & Tell

A perfect winter beer for curling up by the fireplace, this malt blanket features prominent toffee and caramel notes with just a hint of smoked malt. A subtle spiciness is provided by hopping with Magnum, Chinook and Styrian Goldings. Available exclusively in our Fall 2020 Sample 12 Pack.

Bully! Porter

The intense flavors of dark-roasted malt in Boulevard’s rendition of the classic English porter are perfectly balanced by a generous and complex hop character. Bully! Porter’s robust nature makes it the ideal companion to a variety of foods, from seafood to chocolate. Available exclusively in our Fall 2020 Sample 12 Pack.