Westside Wilds Mixed Fermentation Pear Cider

Westside Wilds Mixed Fermentation Pear Cider

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Back in 2017 our Barrel Aging and Packaging Brewer, Brent Cox had a chance encounter with the folks at The Giving Grove at a friend’s orchard planting. A budding relationship began to blossom, and a partnership developed. Aligning our mutual core beliefs of environmental sustainability and community support, Boulevard and The Giving Grove planted pear trees with collaboration in mind, highlighting their important mission and many programs.

Due to late frosts in the past few years, harvesting the fruit was delayed until 2022. Back in September, members of our brewing team joined the folks at The Giving Grove and were finally able to pick two varieties of Asian pears, including the wildly popular Korean Giant Pear, with the intention of creating a wild pear cider.

Using unpasteurized juice to impart natural funkiness, Westside Wilds –Mixed Fermentation Pear Cider was created in the Basque Style, relying on the natural yeast found on the fruit and from the orchards themselves to lend a hand in crafting the flavor and aromas of the final product. We employed the use of a Saison Yeast strain to support primary fermentation.

To impart body to the Mixed Fermentation Pear Cider, we also added three varieties of locally grown apples from Sibley Orchards, located in Sibley MO.

Westside Wilds – Mixed Fermentation Pear Cider has big, ripe green apple flavors up front, riding fruity esters before giving way to fresh pear notes and a super dry finish. Pear Cider is unpasteurized which creates an ever-evolving bottle. While the flavor and aroma will definitely change and perhaps develop over time, we encourage you to drink it while it is fresh!


5.4% ABV

Pears – Korean Giant

Apples – Red delicious, Fiji, Jonathon

Learn more about The Giving Grove and their important mission at givinggrove.org


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